And... Vocabulary

Some Terms you may hear from me:

(narabu) - "Line Up"; When your sensei says this, get yourself in line

準備 (junbi) - "Prepare / Get Ready"; Should be self-explanatory (ask if I need to elaborate)

(kiwotsuke) "Care / Carefulness / Caution / Attention"; This is the same as AchTung! in Germany or Avertir! in France or Heads Up! in America. THIS DOES NOT MEAN "Line Up"!!

る  (kamaeru) "To stiffen / To become formal"; This means to stand at attention.

(rei) "Bow"; Just what it sounds like.

正面(shyoumen ni rei) "Bow to Front"; Show respect for your dojo

(ritsu ni rei) "Bow to Teachings"; Show respect for your ryuha

先生 (sensei ni rei) "Bow to Teacher"; Bow to your sensei and show a bit of respect.

(o taga i ni rei) "Bow to each other"; Show respect for your partner