Uchi deshi, omote deshi

内弟子 - uchi deshi "family student"
表弟子 - omote deshi "public student" (literally: "outside student")

Back in the day the omote deshi received training available to everybody for a fee; uchi deshi were the insiders and learned "the good stuff".

In these modern times I find this concept has fallen into disuse; all students are "omote deshi" and in many instances the persons teaching in modern dojo are also "omote deshi". They teach what they were taught by rote, without any understanding whatsoever of the reasons why or what purpose techniques serve.

"Uchi deshi" was something to strive for; you did not qualify for this training just because you were a relation, and you could aspire to this level of training even if you were a total stranger.

In many ways it has become incumbent upon the STUDENT to decide what level of training they receive; the student must decide what they desire most, train for it and if the instructor cannot provide this, then they must decide to move along and find a better master. I personally feel this is wrong; but how to fix it?