Sanbon kumite

Elaborating upon "三本 組手 - sanbon kumi te" a bit.

The first thing you need to decide is what makes up a "thing" that you wish the 弟子 (deshi, students) to perform. This can be any combination of stance and hand technique, made by 取り手 (tori te; receiving person) in response to an action from their 仕手 (shi te; attacker). You must also decide what action the attacker makes to prompt that response. This is done 3 times and the actions are performed in succession by both partners.

So, "front punch -> high block; reverse punch -> high block; front punch -> low block" is sanbon kumi te (techniques listed as paired actions for attacker and receiver, 3 sets).

"front punch advancing to front stance -> low block retreating to back stance; rear leg (turning) round kick advancing to back stance -> high block retreating to middle stance; front leg front snap kick, shift to a front stance and reverse punch -> slide forward middle stance to middle stance to avoid the kick, palm block to deflect the punch, ridge hand strike to the opposite side of the head" is also sanbon kumite although two of the "things" had 3 techniques and the rest of them had 2.

I hope this has cleared things up instead of confusing the subject more...