Asked and Answered

I have a question that I have been debating in my head for quiet some time. The question is this. How do you know it's time to leave a Federation for good. How does one do so? It's just I feel there is just too much injustice and drama for me to allow myself to be associated with this federation. How do I get my point across while respectfully leaving?
Thank you”

An interesting question. I will answer both parts in order.

As a Christian I would say when you still your mind and still your heart the small voice you hear speaking will be the holy spirit of God and he will tell you the truth.

As a Buddhist (Shoto Zen sect) I would say that when one meditates, clearing the mind of all thought and emotion, one may experience satori whereby the truth of a situation will shine clear in your mind.

As Sensei I would say "if you are asking the question then you already know the answer and the correct path. Stop being a coward and walk it".

Leaving an association is based upon your ties to it in the first place.

If it is simply a matter of money and name then stop paying the money, rip the patch from your uniform and move on.

If you have strong ties to many individuals in the association then you may wish to tell them in person that you are leaving and why. It may help to resolve some of your issues, but expect to lose some friends.

If your connection to the organisation is a personal connection to the head of the group, then a personal letter explaining your action, the reasons therefore, and expressing your remaining feelings (and respect, if any) to that person would seem to be in order.