Pride and Prejudice

I heard this in a dojo last week:

"You go, GIRL! Kick his butt! He's just a BOY! Grrrl Power!"

These statements and any other like them will not be tolerated in my dojo or at any place where I am teaching.

Why? Because I will not tolerate prejudice and bigotry in any form.

Not bigotry, you say? Not prejudice? Empowerment, you call it? You may call it empowerment but I call it intolerable.

I will take the exact same statements and change exactly three words:

"You go, BROTHER! Kick his butt! He's just a NIGGER! White Power!"

How do you like it NOW? Still think it is not bigotry? Is this not prejudice in your eyes? Go ahead and tell me it is empowerment.

There is not a single Sensei I know who would allow the second string of statements in their dojo/dojang, but I heard them actually cheering for the first string of bigoted, irresponsible, hurtful garbage. Can someone tell me how it is different?