Origins of Karate

On the origins of karate:
那覇手 - Naha te originated around the Naha area of Okinawa and was noted for its general reliance on strength of body. Successor styles to Naha te include Shotokan, Goju-ryu and Uechi-ryu.

首里手 - Shuri te originated around Shuri, the old capital of the Ryukuu Kingdom in Okinawa. Shuri te was noted for its general reliance on speed rather than muscular strength. Successor styles to Shuri-te include Shotokan, Shito-ryu and Shorin-ryu.

泊手 - Tomari te refers to a tradition of martial arts originating from the village of Tomari. Tomari te relied on flexibility and speed to a greater extent than even shuri te. Successor styles to Tomari-te include Motobu-ryu and Matsubayashi-ryu.