What he said...

Every now and again I run across something SO imminently logical I just have to repeat it. This is from a discussion about a serious sword injury to an amateur while attempting an extremely dangerous technique he had seen a master swordsman perform flawlessly:

I know this probably sounds terrible but, can you really blame them? :lol: To tell you the truth of what's on my mind, no one ever got anywhere by following orders.

Sensei Tom Urso wrote:
They are absolutely to blame. If one attempts an extremely dangerous task with little to no understanding of said task, the logical outcome would not be positive. Sword are not toys but extremely dangerous weapons. As with any weapon, a mature approach is 100% required for its instruction in order to prevent horrible repercussions.

To tell the truth, if a student of mine does not follow my instruction, then they are no longer welcome in my class. Why such as strict rule? Because immaturity has no place in the training hall as the risk for injury or even death is too great.

If people wish to swing a blade with no instruction, that is their choice; however, there is no justification for immature, unsafe behavior. I apologize for being so blunt but there is truly few things sadder than avoidable grievous injury or death.