Reminiscences (ramblings of an old man)

A couple of notes about Sensei -

Modern martial artists look upon the Showa, Taisho, and Meiji eras as "long ago", "history", and "ancient history"; Sensei was born during the Meiji period (1894) and was trained by men born in the Shinto and ShinShinto.

I in turn was trained by a "relic from the past". Feel like having a sword fight? 

Hirakawa Sensei was raised on a daily basis to use a sword as a weapon against people. I would take his word over damn near anyone else but I don't have to, he proved himself more often than you can imagine.

However, you did not know Sensei and never can. Your loss as well as mine, even if you do not know it.

About different swords and handling and all that stuff -  

At one time I had trouble adapting to different blades. I could make my blade do exactly what I wished and the next one in line would be all over the place; I became frustrated and complained (loudly) about the sword that handled "like junk". That was when I was essentially told that the sword was not wrong, it was me:

"Handling is the work of the swordsman and not the sword. A swordsman who complains of his sword handling poorly is incompetent. Any who think otherwise are fools." - Hirakawa Kotaro Sensei

Years of practice later, I realized that any tool is going to be what it is and that if I wanted to accomplish anything I would have to adapt myself because the tool was stubborn and would not change, no matter how much I wanted it to do so. This applies to hammers or swords; they are what they are. Some hammers feel better in my hand; they all hammer and can be made to form metal, ne?